Hey, I'm Shibu.

Full Stack Developer

I'm a full stack developer living in India. I make web applications with JavaScript frameworks.

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Currently working on Flutter package
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FlexGround - Experience the power of flexbox.

Next.js, React.js, Tailwind CSS, Framer Motion

FlexGround - Experience the power of flexbox.

Experience the magic of interactive flex layouts! Dive into our demo website and witness the fluidity and versatility of flexbox in action. Discover how flexbox empowers you to create visually stunning and responsive designs effortlessly. Play around with interactive elements, experiment with flexible grids, and unlock new possibilities in web design.

ColorWizards - Find stunning gradients for your next project!

Next.js, React.js Tailwind CSS

ColorWizards - Find stunning gradients for your next project!

Discover the Perfect Color Gradients and Palettes for Your Next Design Project.

CSS border-radius Generator

Vanilla JS, HTML, CSS

CSS border-radius Generator

Create Custom CSS Borders Easily - Generate stylish CSS borders with our intuitive online tool.


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Java, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript
SQL, MongoDB
React.js, Next.js, Express.js, Node.js Flutter, Spring Boot
Git, Vs Code, Figma, jira
Google Cloud, HTML, CSS, SCSS


Hello, I'm Shibu!

I'm a self-taught front-end developer based in Tamil Nadu, India. I can develop responsive websites from scratch and raise them into modern user-friendly web experiences.

In addition to my love of technology and design, I am also interested in cloud technologies, backend development.

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I'm interested in freelance opportunities. However, if you have other request or question, don't hesitate to contact me


Full Stack Developer


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